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Learn more about what are in the 3 layers of our foundation from the bottom up.

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The Potted Plant Method has helped hundreds of women, once they apply the right technique!

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What are some of the questions that you need answers to? Simple things from

“How can I honestly set healthy boundaries with my life?” to 

“How do I maintain my vaginal health on a daily basis or after sexual intercourse.” 

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So, you're ready to CEO (C.REATE E.VERY O.UTCOME)! Learn what others are holding back. The Top 5 Secrets to: 

Organizational Systems and Strategies 

C-Suite Mindset

C-Suite Behaviors

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Cover Me Right is a way to teach young ladies and single mother how to make their creative mindset work for them by providing firsthand training into products! How to create products for diverse industries, provide work experience and giving them a way to express themselves through real time business model. Fashion is Identity and Identity is Community the bonus is adding a voice to the community brings liberty. Train, Mentor, Teach Revenue / Teach, Learn, Design, Revenue; This is a way to help them to keep their hands and mind busy and off the streets.

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Promoting reading is what allows the imagination of children and adults to expand.

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